Atelier des Femmes is the brainchild of Dutch entrepreneur and Amsterdam Fashion Institute graduate Floor Bos. During her studies, Bos felt inspired by style icons of the mid century and early 90’s. Having lived in cities like New York and Paris packed with confident, elegant and courageous women, the idea emerged to create her own label based on statement accessories.

“These empowering women have an honest approach towards being themselves. I want to celebrate women’s differentiation by creating the Atelier des Femmes attitude, in which everyone looks different, because of their own personality. The woman I design for is confident and inspires by a combination of playfulness and sophistication. Maybe she is today’s Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin or Lauren Hutton. Fact is she shines and stands out in authenticity, just like my designs. If you dream hard, eventually they will come true.”

The collection of Atelier des Femmes is available at more than 100 international points of sale, like Luisa via Roma Firenze.