Floor Bos, founder and designer of Atelier des Femmes;

“The idea for Atelier des Femmes grew from a personal yearning. After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I was uncertain what to wear to my first job-interview. Why could I not find a female suit that communicates both strength and refinery? I decided to take on the challenge of creating a charming yet sharp suit for every woman, all over the world.”

“My biggest inspiration comes from the streets. Living in New York City taught me that passion and creativity is everywhere. I saw women run down the streets in their chic garments combined with a pair of simple sneakers. They would carry a pair of high heels in their bag for when they arrived at the office.”

“Besides New York City, I have spent a legitimate amount of time in France. Here too, I caught myself looking at elegant women strolling down the boulevards. They have the ability to make hearts beat faster through their unconditional self-esteem.“

“These empowering women had an honest approach towards being themselves. Confident and courageous women all over the world have inspired me to bring chicness and bravery to Amsterdam. I want to celebrate women’s differentiation by creating the Femmes Costume, in which everyone looks different, because of their own personality. This is the story of how Atelier des Femmes was born.”