Tamar Bunge


Tamar Bunge

In what kind of sector do you work? Do you work with a lot of men, women or both?
The Fashion sector, working a long side a lot of women.

In what outfit do you feel most elegant?
A dress or skirt.

In what outfit do you feel most confident?
Black jeans, leather loafers and a cool, elegant blazer.

How do you dress when you’re back home?
Nothing different, but I do love to snuggle into my favourite cashmere jumper and watch my favourite movies.

Do you get comments – positive or negative – about your garments from ADF?
Positive! I love wearing the ADF skirt and blazer separately a lot. So it feels like I am wearing a different outfit every time. My colleagues are also very conscious on what they wear on a daily basis, so I get inspired by them as wel.

What would you recommend to ADF? How can we improve our items?
I would love to see a longer skirt, as I am a very tall Dutchie. :)

How do you wear ADF? Do you only wear it as a complete garment or do you wear the skirt and blazer separately as well?
Both! As I said earlier I love mixing and matching, sometimes maybe to much ;) Wearing the skirt with a crazy coloured blouse and a cool broche, or the jacket with a nice white blouse with cool cuffs. I can go on forever!

What kind of appearance do you want to make at your job?
I feel that it does not matter if you are at work or at home, you should embrace what your are wearing and that this makes you more confident and enhances your beauty (I know it sounds cheesy, but I honestly believe this is true!).

How does ADF help you create that appearance?
ADF has the perfect balance of simplicity, it is feminine and for my personal style I can really give my own style and personality to the outfit.

Would you recommend ADF?
Absolutely! I would love to see all my friends wearing an piece of ADF.

Where can we find you on Friday night and in what outfit?
That is why I like ADF, I can easily wear the skirt with a cool top or strapless t-shirt.

What’s your favorite drink?
Dark’n stormy. I am very curious what the next piece of ADF will be because I will definitely be hooked!