Sophie Sliepenbeek


Sophie Sliepenbeek

In what outfit do you feel most elegant?
Something that complements my body and the way I feel. A skirt definitely makes me feel more elegant and feminine.

In what outfit do you feel most confident?
Comfort is very important for me. If I don’t feel comfortable in what I wear I can’t wear it with confidence. My go to outfit is: skinny or mom jeans with a long sleeve top and plateau boots.

How do you dress when you’re back home?
At home my priority is comfort. So, a big sweater/hoodie with sweatpants (on real lazy days) or a stretch skinny jean.

What would you recommend to ADF? How can we improve our items?
Yes! I’m not someone who dresses up regularly but, when I have to ADF is my saviour. It always looks appropriate, well dressed and elegant. And a top of that is is insanely comfortable to wear.

How do you wear ADF? Do you only wear it as a complete garment or do you wear the skirt and blazer separately as well?

If so, with what do you combine the Birkin and with what do you combine de Bardot?
I mostly wear the jacket separately and not the skirt. When I don’t have to dress very formal I wear the jacket combined with jeans.

What kind of appearance do you want to make at your job?
Confident and sophisticated.

How does ADF help you create that appearance?
By making me feel comfortable in what I wear even when I’m out of my “regular look”.

What statement do you want to make by wearing ADF?
Being taken seriously as a young woman in a business setting, by dressing appropriate but fashionable and young swell

What are important factors about your work outfit?
That it suits the situation. My work differs from prepping food and helping customers to having important meetings. It is very diverse and I feel like it is important that my outfit suits the day, situation and atmosphere.

What’s your favorite drink?
Moscow Mule

French fries or pizza?

Oysters or steak?

Saturday morning workout or late brunch with comfort food?
both ;)