Heleen Nanninga


Heleen Nanninga

How do you dress when you’re back home? 
To be honest, I’m a real jeans and blouse kind a girl. I barely ever wear a skirt or dress, only for special occasions. Usually I’m wearing converse, black or blue jeans and a blouse with fun little figures on it, or a sweater, my hair up in a messy bun and always a big scarf.

Me-time or friends?
I would any day rather be with my friends than alone. I love hanging out with them, even when it was just a quick cup of coffee in between classes at university or one of those great evenings dining and drinking wine without noticing what time it already is. Sometimes its hard because everyone is going her own way, but I feel confident that we’ll always find and make the time to be able to do these kind of things together.

Rise and shine in the early morning or snooze forever?
I’m a real snoozer. Mornings are definitely my most dreaded moment of the day. I really have to take my time to wake up, drink coffee, and most important; not be interrupted in this process. This also contributes to my clothing choices. Not to difficult. This is where ADF really helps me out. When I have an important meeting, or have to go to a conference ADF provides the perfect suit. It’s soft, fits me wonderful and is as comfortable as my pj’s.

How do you wear ADF? Do you only wear it as a complete garment or do you wear the skirt and blazer separately as well? 
I discovered a lot of different ways to wear my ADF suit. At first I only wore it as a whole. Totally dressed up for big work occasions of conferences. Now I wear it all the time. Sometimes only the skirt with a fun shirt on top, a sweater or just a white blouse. The blazer I wear even more, combining it with a jeans and converse, or nice pantaloons with heels when the situation asks for it. You can make it totally your own style, combining the skirt and blazer with every other piece in your wardrobe.

How does the ADF suit make you feel?
How does it feel? The second I put on the skirt and look at myself in the mirror buttoning the blazer I feel confident. I’m just at the beginning of my career, entering in a world that’s totally new to me and I have to admit that it scares me some times. That little extra push I need to ‘go get them’ I more than once found in my clothing. When you walk into a room feeling confident, grown-up and professional other people will notice that and treat you like it.